Vase Arrangement Workshop


This 1- session course will introduce one to Vase Arrangement & Wrapping. One’s confidence is boosted when they learn from our dedicated florist at our hobbyist workshop using various ways and equipment when handling flowers. Upon completion, trainees gain the fundamental knowledge of floristry which is to identify fresh flowers and selecting complementing flowers when purchasing at a flower shop. Also, participants can exhibit and build upon their learned skills to prepare and design a vase of fresh flowers that involves assembling and wrapping at their own leisure time.


How do I select the date/time for one session on this website? 

You are required to book the session online. Please select the date that you are interest in and available for.

How do I checkout for my course selection?

You are required to select Self Collection @ Floral Studio before proceeding to checkout.


If you require further assistance, you can contact us at or +65 8748 2076.

Bloomers and Makers will always use the freshest seasonal flowers and fillers available. Hence, do note that the photos are for reference only.


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